Why You Need to Level and Anchor Your Furniture

It may seem obvious to you why you need to strap down wicker yard furniture when a storm’s coming through, but that heavy oak bookcase that runs from your floor to your ceiling may not seem at risk of going anywhere. However, it is important for you to level and anchor all your furniture to keep your home safe. Here’s why:

Prevent Injury
When furniture is unsteady because one leg is wobbly or the surface is uneven, it increases the risk of it being able to fall over or be pulled down. Imagine your toddler trying to pull up or climb on that heavy oak bookcase that’s on an uneven surface: Tragedy can happen.

It’s important to level the legs by using leveling mounts or shims on the furniture or the floor and to anchor it to the wall for added protection with earthquake straps or other tethers.

Prevent Damages
When heavy furniture falls, it can also crash into your television, cut a giant hole in your drywall, or even leave a big gash in the floor. Even smaller pieces of furniture like end tables or buffets can cause expensive damages if they fall over, either by losing balance or by being knocked down in an earthquake or storm.

Make sure that all your furniture is on steady footing and is strapped to a wall or other anchor to prevent damages and potentially serious injuries.

Leveling and anchoring your furniture is a basic safety measure, whether you have children or not. If you aren’t sure where to get started, you can hire a professional to perform a safety audit on your house. Taking the step can save you money or even save your life.

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