What kind of Brassiere should you wear while nursing?

It is a fact that babies change many things in your life. Right from your schedule, your clothes, your food, sleeping pattern and what more even your brassiere. If you have a whole wardrobe of sexy lingerie, then this is definitely not the time to wear it. It probably sounds very depressing, but then given the situation, being practical will take precedence over everything else.

Nursing bras are the best lingerie to wear when you are breastfeeding. It is best to buy three or four of these, right after the baby is born. Nursing bras offer great support to milk filled breasts and they also come with an easy-to-open flap that will expose your nipple for the baby to suckle. Some women may find it hard to wear their bras when the breasts are full, but do not stop wearing it, since your breasts might sag if you don’t.

There are different types of nursing bras available in the market – Softcup Nursing Bras, Underwire Nursing Bras and Seamless Nursing Bras.

Softcup Nursing Bras are perfect for those mothers whose nipples are very sensitive. If your nipples are very sore and sensitive due to breastfeeding, then you can opt for this type of bra. There are many different types of Softcup bras – Seamless Bras, Extra Support Bras, Stretch Nursing Bras, Full Support No Wire Nursing Bras etc. It is always best to select a model that enhances your comfort level, while feeding the baby.

Wearing Underwire Bras are often discouraged while nursing because of many misconceptions. Many people feel that wearing Underwire Bras will cause clogged ducts and that it hampers the milk flow and the blood flow to your breast. Lactation experts and midwives generally discourage, this type of bra, more out of precaution than any hard evidence of clogged breasts. If you are used to wearing only Underwire Bras then, you can opt for Underwire Nursing Bras. It has wide adjustable wires along with easy to open flaps for the nipples.

Seamless Nursing Bras is a perfect blend of style and practicality. If you are style conscious then you can opt for these bras. These Bras are made of soft stretchy material and is very comfortable to wear. Nursing mothers who find that their breast size vary, every time they nurse, should opt for this type of Bra.

Nursing Tank Tops are also becoming the in-thing nowadays. Nursing Tank Tanks comes with a built-in bra and it is a very practical wear especially for nursing. Many nursing mothers are nowadays switching to nursing tank tops since it is easy to feed the baby in public and it also doubles up as a good sleepwear in the night.

All Nursing Bras will come with extra nursing pads that you can insert inside the bra, while some have in-built nursing pads. Nursing pads are essential, especially during the initial months when your breasts might leak without warning.

‘Being Comfortable’ should be your keyword while you are breastfeeding your baby. Do not opt for a certain type of Bra just because you like the shape. In all probability, it might not be suitable to breastfeed your baby. Wearing the wrong type of bra while nursing will only create more problems for you. It is time to be practical now and ‘being sexy’ can come later.

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