Ways to Use Patterned Roman Blinds to Enhance a Room

Professional decorators state there are a variety of ways to use patterned roman blinds to enhance a room. Constructed from simple cottons or luxurious silks, the only limits are a customer’s imagination. Experts recommend carefully coordinating the blinds with key pieces of furniture to beautify any living space.

Most indoor Roman blinds are constructed from fabrics instead of plastics or other rigid materials. This allows the blinds to fall into soft, visually appealing pleats when raised. Historians indicate the first roman blinds were created by Roman housewives who wanted to keep dust and other debris out of their houses.

In early Roman society, shades were constructed of spare fabric that happened to be lying about the house. To stand apart from their neighbours, some residents used brightly pattered fabrics. Patterned blinds are still used as a focal point in modern room décor.

Roman blinds were initially thought of as an item solely for kitchen and bedrooms, but recent patterned pieces are designed to complement other living spaces. The combination of fabrics and graphics create a unique sense of ambiance. Silk units with intricate designs suddenly become a conversation piece in the living or dining room. Using a child’s favourite design to customise cotton pieces is an inexpensive redecorating tool for parents.

Professional decorators advise clients who are working on a tight budget to skip excessive wall paintings and focus on beautiful blinds. A custom made blind is considerably cheaper than a painting purchase. As of November 2011, made to order units cost approximately £34.74. This is a steal considering that larger sized oil paintings from lesser-known artists cost around £51.47.

Customers should always choose the right fabric for a particular room. Cotton units are fine for dry spaces, but should not be installed in any room where they are constantly exposed at water. This includes areas like the bathroom and the kitchen. Blinds should also blend with the existing colour scheme. Darker furniture requires deeper coloured blinds. Amateur designers who are considering drastic contrasts should consult a colour chart to avoid clashing. Keeping furniture colours muted is key for those who wish to make their blinds the focal point of any given space.

Some Additional Things To Consider
Customers who are considering Roman blinds should consider additional details besides fabrics and patterns. Nightshift workers sleeping in sunny bedrooms benefit from room darkeners. Some clients want to keep dangling cords from young children or pets, narrowing their choices to cordless models.

Patterned roman blinds are a simple method of creating a truly unique space. An added benefit is the ability to quickly and easily remove the pieces when needed. When the time comes to move on, occupants simply gather their artwork and go.

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