The Joys of Breastfeeding A Toddler #4 — Comedy Factor

Breastfeeding ToddlerThere is very little in life that is guaranteed to make you laugh like a nursing session with a cheeky toddler.

From the funny names they have for your breasts and the milk within, to the way they ask for it, and their amusing little rituals whilst feeding; there is very rarely a dull moment!

My son fondly named them the “num-num’s”. Whilst feeding, he would quite often hum a little tune (I would say he was singing for his supper) and do an interesting little wiggle to the beat. By this point, he would sit on my lap upright to feed rather than recline, which of course made the little song and dance ritual far more amusing to onlookers! Once, at a La Leche League conference, someone asked to take a photo of us nursing; just as the picture was being taken, my little poser swung around, still gripping onto the num-num with his pudgy little hands, and flashed his biggest and cheesiest taking-a-photo grin — along with my num-num! Needless to say, the room quickly collapsed in fits of giggles. There was no embarrassment; we were all mothers who had been in that situation before.

Even now, he still likes to talk and joke about the num-nums. As I am expecting my second baby, we have talked about where the baby’s milk will come from. He definitely remembers, and has explicitly requested that baby shares with him! This is, of course, no problem in my book. When he talks about the num-nums, he narrows his little eyes, grins big and takes on a singy-songy tone to his voice. It’s hilarious, and I love how normal it all is to him.

Only last week I was sat on the bus when I overheard a small person announcing loudly that it was “BOOBY TIME!” I expected to see the mother flush bright red and try to shush her noisy little lady, but instead she chuckled and happily fed her daughter. How refreshing, to see somebody so comfortable with their body’s natural function and their child’s way of relating to it.

Breastfeeding an infant is wonderful and rewarding in so many ways, but breastfeeding a toddler is on a whole new level. The joy of humorous interaction with your child is sacred, and to couple that with nursing is just amazing.

I would love to hear your amusing breastfeeding anecdotes! Please comment below and share them!

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