Pregnancy after Miscarriage

It is understandable if you are anxious about your pregnancy especially after a miscarriage. Miscarriage is a very traumatic experience both for the mother and the partner. Apart from losing your precious little one, it also sets in fears about future fertility and pregnancy.

It is but natural for you to wonder whether you would get pregnant again or if you would be able to carry the baby to term this time. Firstly don’t stress yourself about losing the baby again. Anxiety and fears will only make it worse for you. Maintaining your calm and composure is very important, especially when you are pregnant again.

Firstly consult your doctor and have a thorough check up. Just because your first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage it does not mean that your second one will. However it  depends on the reasons as to why the first pregnancy miscarried. There are many factors that can be responsible for miscarriages such as chromosomal abnormalities, infection, immune disorder, hormonal abnormalities and anatomical abnormalities. According to research, women who have miscarried their child in the second trimester are at a greater risk of having a second miscarriage or a premature birth. If you fall in this category, then you will have to be extra careful this time round and monitor your pregnancy more carefully based on your doctors recommendations.

Some women are advised against getting pregnant immediately after a miscarriage while some feel that it is the best way to cope with the loss.

For many couples, trying for a baby after miscarriage is quite a scary preposition. Some want to try immediately, while for some miscarriage can be so traumatic that they want to give themselves some time before trying again. However it is best to consult your doctor about this, before you start trying. In some cases, the doctor would recommend you to wait for a certain time period before you start trying. Before you start trying again, it is recommended that you get a full check up done to eliminate any possibilities of a second miscarriage.

If there have been some risk factors in your lifestyle that have caused you to have a miscarriage then it would make a lot of sense to sort them out before you try for a baby again. If your miscarriage was due to some infection or a sexually transmitted disease then it would be best to wait until you are completely cured before trying again.

For any pregnancy to be successful and safe, the mother ’s physical and emotional welfare must be taken into account. If you are having excessive fears, and anxiety about having a second miscarriage then it would be better to address them before you get pregnant again. If you were struggling with conflicting emotions and fears would only worsen the situation more and compromise your health and pregnancy for the second time. Seeking counseling and therapy can help you rid of your fears and guilt about the first miscarriage.

Just because your first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage it does not follow that the second one should be the same. There are many women who have successfully carried their child to term and have given birth to healthy babies.

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