6 Outdoor Child Safety Tips

While it’s possible to make the home childproof, the outside world is a lot tougher to manage. Saying that, there are six tips that can help when going out and about with your child, particularly playtimes. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Women Who Need to Pursue Child Support Enforcement

Raising children is extremely difficult, and raising children on your own is that much harder . . . especially when you have no financial support from your children’s father. Fortunately, the courts are on your side, and there are steps you can take to get the child support that is due to you and your children. Here are five tips for women who need to pursue child support enforcement: Continue reading

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Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no longer a ‘delicate condition’ for women. Today ‘s pregnant woman, works, walks, travels, exercises, goes on shopping expeditions, parties and even has sex.

Many are under the misconception that sex is not possible during pregnancy. Sex is not only safe but can also be exciting while you are pregnant. If you are having a normal low-risk pregnancy, you can have sex during all stages of pregnancy.

It is however your personal choice and inclination as to whether you wish to have sex while pregnant. If you are too anxious about hurting the baby then it is best for you and your partner to discuss this with your doctor.

Many pregnant women find their libido at an all time low during the first trimester, which is quite normal. Nausea and fatigue will take its toll until your body gets used to the surging hormones and the new pregnant you. Second trimester is the best period of all. By now, your nausea would have vanished and you would have got your appetite back. You will also get your libido back.

Fears about hurting your child are quite normal but they are unfounded. Your baby is cocooned safely in your uterus and having sex will not hurt the baby. Many couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time will find sex during pregnancy more pleasurable. For them, sex would have become a necessary chore in order to conceive and now that they have achieved their goal they can relax and enjoy it.

Talk with your partner about your comfort levels. If you are not comfortable or relaxed about sex, then discuss with your doctor about the safe positions to have sex in. There are many recommended safe positions for sex during pregnancy such as woman on top, spooning, hands and knees, side lying with knees pulled up.

Sex during pregnancy can also be a very emotional experience for both the couples. Sex will no longer be a wild, tear-your-clothes act. Tenderness and soft touches that can be more fulfilling than any orgasm will replace it. You can also try to discover some new position by exploring a bit and you will find that trying to be intimate is more fun that actual intimacy!

Some men are totally scared to touch their pregnant wives. If your partner is intimidated by your swelling belly and is not willing risk sex then you can probably find other means to get intimate. Relaxing baths, romantic dinner or even just holding hands can connect you at an emotional level.

It is however not advisable to have sex if your doctor has advised against it. If you have had a previous miscarriage or a premature birth, then it is best to avoid sex until the child is born. For some women, the placenta would partly covering the cervix which is likely to get ruptured during sex hence they would be advised against it. And if you are having some bleeding or if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease then having sex would be a strict no no.


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How to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Getting your children ready for bed can often resemble an elaborate dance routine, with you repeating the same complicated steps every night. Wrangle, wash, dress repeat. Wrangle, wash, dress repeat.  While every child presents their own unique challenge at bedtime, most kids seem especially resistant when it comes to brushing their teeth. 

Getting your child to enjoy brushing can help ensure they have strong teeth and healthy gums for a lifetime. This may seem like an impossible task, but if you strive to make brushing fun instead of a chore, you’ll be surprised at the difference in their attitudes at brush time. Here are some tips on how to make brushing more enjoyable for you and your kids. Continue reading

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Parents: Choosing a Sport for Your Child

Many parents struggle to decide which sport is the best fit for their kids. Enrolling your kid in the wrong sport can result in packing away expensive equipment that was never used and a child whose lost interest in sports altogether. When choosing among the many kids sports options, there are several factors parents should keep in mind. Continue reading

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Your Outrage Needs To Go Beyond Talking

On a recent Saturday, I was having lunch with a friend who was very upset because she had read a story about a child who was physically abused and had been through great trauma. She said she was outraged and her whole day was ruined after reading about this incident. So I asked her what she was doing for the rest of the afternoon. She told me she had an appointment after lunch for a manicure then she was going shopping and then she was going to the theater with friends. So where is the outrage? Can you find some time to volunteer for a cause? Continue reading

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Tooth Decay: What Cavities Are REALLY Doing to Your Child

Children love sweet things, and it can’t be helped. They are also averse to brushing their teeth, and will avoid it like the plague. Though you may not see any harmful effects at first, this will lead to tooth decay. In fact, most parents will have dealt with their kid’s toothaches. Toothaches are not the problem, but an indication that the problem has gotten out of hand. It may seem that tooth decay only affects teeth. However the repercussions are far deeper, affecting your child’s psychology and quality of life. Continue reading

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Organizing Play Time Areas for Children

Managing Children’s Spaces
Children’s bedrooms and play areas can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. In order to save on space and sanity, follow these quick and easy “clean it up” tips.

Continue reading

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Pester Power

Marketing to children has increased dramatically in recent years. In the 1980s, children’s television was on for a couple of hours per day after school, on two channels only. Fast forward 25 years and many homes now have cable or satellite tv, beaming a choice of over a dozen children’s channels into our homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advertisers have leapt on this opportunity to market products to children, and parents are feeling increasingly pressured into buying products to keep up with their children’s wants and desires. So as a parent, what can be done to cut down on the impact of pester power? Continue reading

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Look Who’s Talking!

Hearing your child call you ‘Mummy’, or pointing to objects and naming them for the first time are wonderful moments for all parents. You have an important role to play in developing your child’s language, as they learn language from hearing you talk and how you interact with them. Here are some ideas to help your child start talking and widen their verbal repertoire: Continue reading

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