Missed Period & Negative Pregnancy Test

Those of you who are anxious to conceive must have been through this routine many times. You are waiting to get pregnant and your stress levels increase when it gets close to periods. Will I get it or will I not? Did I do it right this time?

With over hundred questions zooming through your mind, you discover that you have not got your periods on the appointed date. Next thing that you would logically do is to rush to the nearby pharmacy and buy home pregnancy tests. Praying diligently, you would wait for that second line to show up in the HP test but no only a single line. So I am not pregnant but why didn’t my periods show up?

Even if you have a pretty regular cycle, your lifestyle and stress levels do have a say as to when your periods will appear. If your periods have not made an appearance, do take a home pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant. Do not stress yourself by obsessing about your test if the result is negative. In many cases, Home Pregnancy Tests do not give a positive result until 40 days have passed since your last period. Wait for 5 – 10 days before you take another home pregnancy test. If it is still persistently negative, then wait for another 5 days and go in for a proper urine test in a lab.

If your periods are late and you are experiencing all the classic pregnancy symptoms, then forget the home pregnancy tests and go in for a urine test in a lab after 30 or 35 days are completed. Many home pregnancy tests have low sensitivity rates, which means your HCG levels have to rise significantly before it shows a positive result. The best time to do a home pregnancy test is in the early morning with the first morning urine sample.

If your tests are persistently negative even after 40 days have elapsed then, it is probably just a late period. There is nothing alarming in having a late period even when your periods are normally on time. Stress and the anxiety of infertility can play around with your hormones making your periods later than usual. Sleeplessness, stress at work, jet lag can also cause late periods.

If you have recently discontinued using birth control, then it might take some time for your periods to get regularized. Birth control pills do play around with your reproductive hormones and it will take some time for them to start performing normally.

If late periods have become a regular feature every month, then it would best to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. If you are trying to conceive it would be best to have thorough obstetrics check up.

Having a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle will ensure that your periods are on time. By leading an active life with regular exercise, yoga and meditation, you can beat stress. In most cases, stress is directly responsible for late periods.


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