Is Your Baby Coughing: Find Out About Cough in Babies

There is nothing more painful for a mother than a sick baby. If your baby has caught cold, it means holding and caring a fussy child for a few good days, which can also be weeks. Expect sleepless nights for your baby and yourself, as the child will struggle to breathe, especially while feeding.

Cough is nothing serious but a common health problem among babies. Minor coughing helps your baby to open airways in his chest and throat. But, if unattended for a long period, cough can cause other serious diseases. If your baby coughs suddenly, it can be due to choking and demands immediate medical care.

Some of the major causes of cough are cold, fever, bronchiolitis, dust, smoke, asthma, and even pneumonia. Cough caused due to cold, results in running nose and sneezing fast. These are normal symptoms of allergy. With most of the babies, cough and wheezing is caused by small particles of dust found in the environment.
Severe coughing can be very problematic for your little one. He may find great difficulty in breathing particularly during the night. There can also be fever and loss of appetite in the child. If despite having cough, the child is taking food properly and doing all his daily activities normally, then there is no requirement of urgent medical care. Cough will die out in a few days.

Cough congestion can dealt with naturally as well. Keep your baby’s head raised as they sleep so that the cough’s flow remains downwards. Keep cleaning the nose time to time so that it does not prevent breathing. Giving your child a hot shower in a closed bathroom also works well. When the child will inhale the steam, the cough will come out. During night, you can use a humidifier or decongestant but only after consulting the pediatrician.

The best way of dealing with your baby’s cough is preventing the situations that can cause it. Keep the baby warm in cold environment. The feeding mother should avoid cold food and smoking. If your baby is prone to coughing, discuss the situation with the pediatrician to seek medical advice.

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