Is My Baby Fat?

Traditionally, grandparents do not see their grandchildren as fat. They think that round chubby pink cheeks just tell the story of good health and not obesity. But these days with the growing awareness of health and nutrition, parents want their children to eat well and have a balanced body.

If your child is a little chubby and people do comment about his weight saying ‘how big he looks’, it may alarm you. But keep in mind that just being a little chubby does not mean that your child is overweight. Do not believe on anything else but just the growth chart. If your child’s weight matches with what it should be at his or her age, then there is nothing to worry about.

Consult your doctor to have a review of your child’s health. The doctor will measure the child’s weight, height and match these numbers with what is there on a growth chart. Doctors these days use better growth charts that consider a child’s body mass index or BMI. BMI indicates whether the height and weight of the child are in normal proportion or not.

The BMI chart helps the parents to know whether your child has too much of body fat in comparison to the actual weight measurements. The BMI of an adult is measured with a direct formula, but BMIs of children are calculated as per their age and gender. BMI system has scope for the changes in the composition of children’s body that take place as a child grows older.

Being chubby as a child does not predict an overweight teenage or adult. Children’s body keeps on changing as they grow up. A baby that may seem a little heavy to you may have on a leaner look as a school child. Overweight children at times grow into their weight. They become thin as they grow taller. When the child grows in height, their weight grows at a smaller pace and the two come in proportion.

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