How to play with your baby

Just feeding and sleeping well does not amount to the complete development of your baby. To help your child learn better in the new environment around him, it is important to play with him. The mother is the best person to play with the child because with mother a child shares a special bond. However, the father and grandparents of the child can also have a good time playing with the baby.

For playing, you must choose a time when the baby is most alert and at the same time fresh. He should not be hungry, tired or sleepy. Playing can make the best use of child’s receptive ability. However, if the baby expresses any discomfort or boredom, your preference should be to soothe him first. Your sensitivity will make the baby feel good and safe and want to dare to experience and learn more and more together with you.
Activities of just a few minutes can do wonders with your baby. A baby’s attention span is very short. However, it increases as the baby grows. When he is alert, he will learn these brief activities and will keep it with him and one day it will stretch longer. Babies are great learners. I began making a ‘broo’ sound to my baby, which after some time he picked up and made it back to me. I was thrilled and really surprised. However, be considerate to your baby’s needs. Stop the game at once if you feel that he has had enough.
Music is a wonderful game that soothes and entertains the babies. You can put on a soothing classical number or a dance number. Then, hold the baby in your arms and gently sway with the tunes. You can also put on your dancing shoes and perform an interesting dance number in front of your baby. He will be all full of smiles.

Make funny faces while your baby is on the bed or in your arms. You can show your teeth, tongue or make funny sounds. The idea is to entertain the baby and boost him to imitate.

Buy good baby toys which have lights and music, but are safe to play. Make your baby focus on them as you play with them, shake them. Rattlers are other good toys that your baby can also gradually play to himself. You can also try the same with cellophane sheets or wrappers, but be sure he does not take them in his mouth.

Once your baby starts rolling while lying on bed, make most of this time as it helps make his neck and shoulders muscles stronger. You can lie with him on the bed and sway him gently side to side making some funny sounds. Keeping his attention engaged with his toys is also works.

During this age, the baby tries to touch everything possible. He will also pull your hair or nose. You can give them objects that make sound so that he bangs them together and gets entertained by the sound.

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