How to Get Back to the Sexy You After You Give Birth

Concerns about what happens to her body after child-birth are normally the last thing in the mind of a soon-to-be Mom. Unfortunately, not very many pregnant women realize that this is not good.

A woman during pregnancy, especially if it’s her first, can be expected to be very excited about her unborn child’s gender. What preoccupies her mind at the early stage of pregnancy is the question on whether the baby is a boy or a girl (generally women want a girl and men want a boy). Another thing most pregnant women are excited about is the name to give the baby … If the baby is a girl, what would be the best name for her? What if the baby is a boy? What should be his name? Should he be named after his Dad? Or his grandfather? Which grandfather or grandmother – paternal or maternal?

In the midst of all these, little does the pregnant woman realize that as important as planning the pregnancy, after-birth plans should also be included, not only for the baby, but also for the herself.

What plans? I suppose you’re now asking. Well, let me expound some more on the matter.

Plan on Losing Weight and Getting Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Weight

According to health experts, upon giving birth, a woman will be expected to lose at least 10 pounds: 7 to 8 pounds from the baby’s weight and 2 pounds for the blood and amniotic fluid. Then, within the next two weeks after child birth, new moms are expected to loose 2 to 3 more pounds; this is what is called water weight. This weight loss, however, is still not enough. In order for a woman to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight (and this is ideal), she must exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet.

Now here’s one more tip: if you want to lose weight, breastfeed your baby! According to health experts, normal babies exclusively fed breast milk requires more or less 500 to 800 calories a day for healthy growth and development. When you breastfeed, imagine losing this much number of calories in a day? It’s practically a win-win situation: a healthy baby and a slimmer you!

Here’s a little extra:

Take Good Care of Your Hair.
After a woman gives birth, it is to be expected that she will go through a period where she will lose hair, or her hair will thin out. There’s nothing to be alarmed about as this is normal. To ensure that hair growth will continue and to make sure that hair will grow healthy, a well-balanced diet is necessary. Food rich in protein, zinc, and iron should be included in the daily diet.

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