How Packed Lunches Can Keep Children on the Path for a Healthy Life

Families all over Britain and the world are desperately trying to lead a healthier life for themselves and their children.

It can be a daunting task when parents first send their children into the big, scary world of school and it can be even to harder choose whether to provide packed lunches for them or let them buy school meals.  Unfortunately, parents do not get to govern the school kitchens and have little or no contribution to school meals. Whilst efforts are being made to make these dietary contributions healthier, there are still those concerned about what their children are eating at school.  As a result, many parents choose a packed lunch so that they know what their children are consuming and how much. Packed lunches are ideal for parents that are keen to get their children on the right track to a healthy diet, being able to fill it with nutritious and tasty treats.

School kitchens often provide pizza and chips and other items of ‘junk food’. Whilst a healthier option is offered in most cases parents are not there to guide their children towards these, meaning their kids may not be getting the nutrients they need.  Giving their children packed lunches gives parents the control to feed their children healthily, with nutritious snacks such as fruit being a popular addition.

Online delivery services even give mums the opportunity to order their groceries at the click of a button and this makes packed lunches a much more realistic and convenient option.  Groceries can be ordered in the comfort of the home and direct home delivery means that parents do not need to leave the house to get what they want.

What about fussy eaters?
Many children are quite fussy when it comes to eating.

Packed lunches enable parents to give their children like food they know they will like.  Children are encouraged to consume five fruit and vegetables a day and these are now available in numerous snack forms perfect for lunchboxes.

Adding an apple or banana to your child’s lunch box gives them a healthy but fulfilling snack.  For parents keen to get their children on the path to healthy living, incorporating nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables is essential and a fruit delivery can allow them to get hold of these foods in a convenient manner.

It has been suggested that children who bring packed lunches are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables than those who eat school lunches.   For mums wanting to give their children the best food at school, lunchboxes are therefore the way forward.

There are plenty of ways to make these healthy, nutritious and yummy with popular and tasty nutritious snacks including:

  • Low-fat white cheese slices or mozzarella sticks.
  • Baby carrots.
  • Peanut butter sandwiches on whole-grain bread.
  • Apples, pears and other fruits.
  • One box of raisins.

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