How do I make my child sleep through the night?

Sleeping through the night is a milestone that most babies reach only after nine months of age. Sleeping through the night does not mean what we adults do. It only means that you can expect your baby to sleep for five to six hours initially and then graduating to longer sleep hours.

Your infant must be getting up in every two hours for feeding and then again dozing off to sleep. Most babies after three months of age start stretching out to five hours of sleep through the night. While after crossing the mine months of age, some babies also sleep up to ten hours at night.

Though, I understand, you want to do just anything to make your baby sleep through the night. But the truth is that you cannot do anything for that matter. The child may develop a sleeping habit of getting into the bed at a particular time. But in no way you can train him for sleeping longer during the night.

Sleeping hours depends on the age of the baby and his or her capacity to stretch on the last feed. He will continue to wake up hungry and after frequent feedings will go back to sleep.

Some people think that if they will feed the baby a heavy dose of last feeding (of breast milk or formula), the child may sleep longer. This is not necessary. If this is true with your child, it does not necessarily be the same with other babies.

It is also believed that bigger babies or the babies feeding on the cereals are better sleepers. There is no research to prove this fact. Again, experts say that only the age of the baby and not what he feeds on decide how many hours he can sleep throughout the night.

I have seen with my baby that his sleep patterns keep on changing every night. Sometimes he sleeps from 12 Am to 6 Am without getting up in between. But there are other nights when he gets after every two hours like what he used to as a newborn.

Let me share a secret with you here. Deep inside, we parents do not like our babies to sleep longer because when they do, we keep checking on them time to time if everything is fine or not. So what happens is that the baby gets good sleep and you remain awake for his security. Sleeping through the night happens occasionally and when it happens, we get up surprised in the morning. After all, don’t you enjoy discussing the changing sleep patterns of your baby with your partner each mornings.

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