How did my baby catch a cold?

Accept it or not, your baby’s catching cold is a normal situation. No matter how safely you keep your baby, he may catch cold virus from almost anywhere. The reason why babies are susceptible to cold is their immature immunity system. They are not able to fight off the cold virus and thus get victimized by it often.
The time when the babies are most likely to catch cold is winters and changing weathers. The hot and cold combinations make baby’s nasal membranes dry and thus give the virus an easy hideout. Experts say that the immune system of the babies can only resist 200 different cold viruses that can cause common colds. With the growing pollution and changing times, we don’t know how many new viruses are there in the environment.
Moreover, as babies grow, they start understanding and feeling things around them by touching and licking. Never mind how clean you keep them, babies are bound to get dirty and pick up viruses in their hands. Once they lick their hands or rub their eyes, the virus easily enters their body and causes cold.

Doctors say that some amount of cold is acceptable. It helps the babies clean their noses by sneezing. Clean nose is very important for the babies. If the nose will be clogged, the baby will not be able to breastfeed properly. My five month old has been sneezing in the gap of few days ever since he is born. He has no other symptom and thus he seems normal to doctor.

To decide if the cold to your baby is not getting worse, carefully examine his body. If his nose is blocked by thick mucus of grey or green colour, or he has a running nose, then the situation can be bad. These symptoms are of low-grade fever and the child can gradually develop fever.

Though we cannot use harsh medicines on babies to treat cold, there are a few methods to prove relief to your little angel. Try decongestant or nasal clearing solutions so that the baby gets clean nose and he can breathe properly. You can wash the nostrils also but the wet nostrils may worsen the situation.
Keep the child hydrated as much as you can. You can try some Ayurvedic recipes at home to treat common cold. Honey mixed with grated ginger and cinnamon makes for an effective recipe to treat cold. Moreover, it has no side effects!

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