Help Children Get Over Their Fear Of Dentists

Trips to the dental office often unnerve people. However, children are far more likely to be resistant to visiting their dentist than adults, but it is very important for kids to see their dentist with regularity.

Dentists can help spot different problems that might arise, such as the need to see an orthodontist, and will also help create a plan of action for the overall health of the child’s mouth, such as fluoride treatments. Use these tips to make visits to the dental office a little less scary for the young ones.

What happens at the dental office?
Part of the reason children get so worried about visiting the dental office is fear of the unknown. Try walking your child through what will happen when they visit. Tell him or her that at first, Mommy or Daddy will check in with the receptionist to let the dentist know that they’re here.

Soon, someone will call his or her name, and ask him or her to come back and sit in a big chair with a light hanging over it. There might be some scary-looking instruments next to the chair, but they won’t be used to hurt the child. In fact, those instruments are important for the dentist and hygienist to help clean the child’s mouth. 

Cleaning and examination
First, the hygienist will clean the child’s mouth. The hygienist might pick at teeth with a special metal cleaner and then will polish the teeth with a special tool that makes a loud whizzing noise. Tell the child that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the noise is actually helping get their teeth in tip-top shape.

The young patient will get a reminder of how to floss and brush their teeth, and will probably get a fluoride treatment. If he or she has to get an x-ray, explain that it is a completely painless procedure. 

Meeting the dentist
This part can be scary, too. Once the child is comfortable with the hygienist, they have to meet someone completely new — the dentist. Let the child know that the dentist will also want to examine his or her mouth, and that the dentist might even find a cavity that needs to be fixed at a later time.

Most dentists then give their patients a gift at the end of the visit, usually a toothbrush, toothpaste and some dental floss, and maybe even a small toy. Reward your child with some kind of treat at the end of the visit to help him or her form good memories about the dental office.

Robert Seitzinger is a copywriter for Northeast Family Dental, a dentist in Portland. The advice for family dental Portland residents enjoy at this office are available for all to see on their website, so check it out and learn more ways to get kids excited about dental care. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?

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