Getting a New Dog? Make Sure you have these Items on Hand!

So you’ve decided to get a dog – great! But don’t run out to your local humane society just yet.

It’s important to have a few key items you might not really think you need before bringing your new dog home.

Here’s our list of must-have items for your dog:

Dog Repellent Keeps Fido Out of Your Flowers
It can be extremely frustrating to watch your dog turn your carefully tended flowerbeds into his own personal toilet. You can tell him “No!” when he goes into an area of your yard you’d rather he avoid, but you can’t always be watching to make sure he’s not doing his business in the wrong area.

Dog repellent is the answer to these problems. Just like using deer repellents, spraying dog repellent on any areas of your yard or certain plants will ensure your dog stays away. The scent is odorless to humans when dry. All you’ll smell is your beautiful flowerbeds, sans your dog’s bodily fluids.

Dog Beds Keep Your Furry Friend Off the Furniture
Dog beds can be expensive, which is why many pet owners decide not to purchase them. But if you don’t offer your dog a comfortable place to sleep, he’ll likely end up on your furniture, getting dog hair and drool everywhere.

Buying Fido a bed will ensure he stays on the floor in his rightful place. When looking for a dog bed, search for one that has a well-made mattress and a durable cover that zips off. You’ll want to remove the cover regularly to clean it in the washing machine. Investing in a good-quality dog bed so you don’t end up having to replace it just a few months later.

Give Your Dog Something to Chew
Many dog owners don’t give their dog any toys or bones to chew on, and then scold him when he finds a tasty shoe. All dogs have the natural instinct to chew. If you don’t provide Fido with his own personal chewing items, then you’re just asking for him to dig into your shoe collection.

Choose rawhide chips or flavored bones that are chip resistant for your dog. Never feed your dog meat bones, as they can splinter in his mouth and cause damage to his teeth. Giving your dog rawhide bones to chew is also a great way to control tartar buildup on his teeth.

Don’t Give Fido an Identity Crisis
You’ve likely already decided to purchase a collar for your new furry friend, but what about an identification tag? While this many seem like an unnecessary purchase, it’s extremely important to ensure your dog is properly identified.

Many dog owners don’t purchase these tags because they think they will never let their dog off the leash. But your dog will inevitably get away from you at some point, whether he jerks the leash out of your hand or sneaks out the front door when you aren’t looking. Don’t risk the heartbreak of losing Fido for good. Purchase an engraved name tag with your dog’s name and your phone number.

After getting more info what you need for your new dog, you’d probably like to learn more about dog repellent and skunk relocation so you don’t end up with a stinky doggy mess. Guest post by Mike Ishman. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?

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