Five Essential Apps for Your Pregnancy

Everyone knows that when you’re pregnant you can be a little scatterbrained. With changing hormones, side effects, and the nesting instinct, it can make anyone a little silly. You put the cereal back in the fridge or you totally forget you had a doctor’s appointment today. The excitement of pregnancy can make it hard to focus. Not only that, but you might be constantly wondering about what is going on with your body and the tiny life inside of it. If it’s your first pregnancy, you probably have even more questions and concerns. Where do you go for answers and advice? If you have a smartphone, you download some pregnancy apps! Here are some essential apps to help you through your pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy Track from
    The quintessential pregnancy book has a free app companion, and it’s a great way to track your pregnancy. Every week, you can read about how your baby is developing and what changes you may be experiencing. There are even pictures of a baby at every stage. You make a slide show of your belly pictures, and check out the due date countdown to see how much longer you have until the big day.

  2. My Pregnancy Today
    This is another free app that will tell you about your baby’s development and your pregnancy week-by-week, but it has some additional features. You can keep a to-do list of all your pregnancy-related tasks, events and appointments. There is a nutrition guide to help you eat right. You can also join birth clubs that will connect you with women who are due at the same time as you. There are even videos to watch that show babies growing in the womb and real births.

  3. Baby Names.
    If you’re having trouble picking out a name, download this free app. It contains thousands of names for each gender, and tells you how to pronounce them, their meanings, origins, and popularity. You can search for names in many different categories, and then you can keep an list of your favorites.

  4. Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson
    Even though you can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy, pregnancy can be a stressful time. And when you’re pregnant, it’s best to avoid or quell stress as best you can. For $2.99, download this app, and it will help you relax and meditate whenever you need to. It helps you focus on a positive pregnancy with relaxation techniques, visualizations, and positive affirmations geared for expectant mothers. It will help you with boosting your energy, sleeping better, alleviate physical discomfort, and bond with your baby.

  5. Contraction Master
    If you’re uneasy about the big day, for $1.99 you can download the Contraction Master to help you time and analyze your contractions. You just tap the screen when a contraction begins, and tap it again when it ends. You also indicate the strength of each one. The app will keep a record of all your contractions, and you can even add notes to them if necessary. You can view a bar graph to visualize how the frequency has been increasing over a period of time. When it’s time to go to the doctor based on the frequency of your contractions, the app will let you know! (Of course, rely first on the advice of your doctor.) It will even provide you with a map to the hospital.

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