Early Signs of Pregnancy

Those of you, who are anxious to get pregnant, should know to recognize the early signs of pregnancy. There is no hard and fast rule that you will have all these symptoms. In some cases, some women do not have any symptoms until they take a pregnancy test after missing a period. So these early signs are only a guideline for you to be aware of.

The first sure sign of pregnancy during the early period would be a missed period. If your periods are pretty regular and they have not made their appearance yet, then it is quite possible that you are pregnant. It would be however best if you wait for 5 – 6 days before doing a home pregnancy test.

Breast tenderness if yet another sign that many women experience at the early stages of their pregnancy. Your breasts would feel tender and sore around the nipple area and for some time it might be difficult for your sleep comfortably. But this symptom can also confused with the breast tenderness that many women experience when their periods are imminent.

Fatigue is also a sign of pregnancy. You will feel exhausted and tired and would hit the bed early every day. This is because, your hormone levels are increasing since your body is being prepared for childbirth. Take frequent naps and rest as much as you can.

Frequent urination is yet another symptom for pregnancy. If you have been lately making frequent trips to the restroom and your periods are late then it would best to get a home pregnancy test done. Frequent urination is caused because your uterus is swelling and it is putting pressure on the urinary bladder. Unfortunately this symptom will be there until the baby is born so you will be making more trips than ever to the restroom.

Nausea is a sure sign of pregnancy. In most women, nausea sets in after about a week of pregnancy while for some it comes after two weeks or more. Most women feel sick right after their morning coffee or breakfast while some feel queasy all through the day. Eating small snacks at frequent intervals will help with nausea.

Some women also experience dizziness or fainting during the early stages of pregnancy. This is because, the uterus is swelling to accommodate the growing baby and this compresses the arteries in the leg, which in turn reduces the blood pressure. When the blood pressure drops you will feel dizzy. If you feel dizzy, stop whatever you are doing and sit down immediately.

Food cravings is yet another sign of pregnancy. Sometimes, this symptom is so strong that you will be caught eating food that you would normally avoid. Many women have unusual food cravings and that too at odd hours. Along with food cravings, you might also start feeling food aversions towards certain type of food.

Some women also become ultra sensitive to certain smells. Food smells, perfumes, cigarette, alcohol, eggs, household cleaners, coffee, tea etc. can make you feel queasy and cause nausea. The high levels of estrogen that is flooding through your body bring about these strong aversions.

If your periods are late, it is best to do a home pregnancy test immediately to check whether you are pregnant. Do not be disheartened if the test turns out negative initially, wait for some more days and do the test again.

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