Do babies need to be disciplined

Babies are royal people, you cannot command them but have to be always at their command. Though it is not possible to instill discipline in babies at a very small age, it is important to make them understand how to behave so that it becomes their natural behavior as they grow up.

Discipline for the babies is to make them understand their boundaries—what they are allowed to do and what not. It is in the nature of the babies to try out different things, which we in adult language call mischief. But if the baby will not try to understand the environment around him, how will he learn and grow up.

The job of the parent is to sit and watch the baby closely by holding on the boundaries firmly. Love, patience and consistency are the keys to discipline. When you want to bring him out of a situation just pose a finger in firm ‘no’ and redirect his attention to some other thing. Experts say that as babies grow old, they begin to understand what ‘no’ means. As they will get your instructions time and again, they will themselves learn how to behave.

Disciplining babies is an art. Babies thrive on parent’s love and guidance. Yelling and shouting at them when they do any mischief is futile and dangerous. As your baby cannot make out the difference between right and wrong, it will only scare him.

Never give in to the babies cries and yells too soon. If your baby yells to have food fast and you think that it can lead to suffocation, let him yell his way out for some time. You need to keep on feeding him at your own pace. Over the time, the baby will understand that there is no use of yelling and his habit will gradually die out. The other best way to discipline babies is by baby proofing the house so that there are really less chances of your child getting into murkier situations.

I accept that disciplining the babies is not easy, but with patience, consistency and love you can tell your babies how not to behave. Just be a good parent to make your baby a good child.

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