Breastfeeding Twins

They are not called double trouble for nothing! Congratulations! You have given birth to twins. Now you will have to quickly learn to do two things at the same time. Both babies will probably want to feed, cry or cuddle at the same time which might make you want to tear your hair out at the end of the day. But on the plus side, you have two bouncy babies to enjoy!

Breastfeeding two babies can sound very daunting but it needn’t be. Many first time mothers opt for the bottle-feeding rather than the breast when they know they are carrying twins. But little do they realize that bottle-feeding twins is not an easy task and is as demanding and frustrating as breastfeeding and not to mention the extra work of cleaning and sterilizing the bottle.

Since your twin babies are most likely to cry at the same time for milk you can try to nurse them at the same time. To do that you can position on a nursing pillow and your hands will be free to burp them when they finish. There are exclusive nursing pillows for twin babies available in the market. Alternate between your breasts during your every feed. This will ensure that both your breasts produce equal amounts of milk and will also reduce the chances of clogged milk ducts.

Will I produce enough milk to nurse both my babies? All mothers who have twins would have asked this question some time or the other. The production of breast milk is akin to a factory. It is a question of supply and demand. If the babies demand more milk, the hormones will work overtime to supply them. So do not fret about it. Instead, focus on fortifying yourself with a solid diet that would enhance your breast milk. Drink plenty of water, milk and fruit juices. Eat a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables, greens and fat less snacks.

If you are still paranoid about your milk supply, try and express your milk. This will give you an idea about the how much you are producing and whether the twins are getting enough nourishment. You can start worrying, if your twins’ weight drops significantly. Check their diaper and see how much urine they are passing. If they are defecating once a day and their diaper is heavy then, all is well with them. Dehydrated babies are often listless and inactive and their weight will keep dropping instead of going up.

Sore nipples will be a common occurrence while breastfeeding and more so when you are nursing twin babies. Incorrect latching and positioning, causes soreness, so sooner you master the correct procedure the better for you. Most doctors recommend purified lanolin for sore nipples. You can also use coconut oil as a home remedy, which is very effective. Breast milk can also be used to heal sore nipples. Apply a few drops of your breast milk on each breast. It will effectively heal sore nipples.

This entire thing might sound very scary to read now, but you will learn to adapt, transform and adjust. Once you get set and are prepared, double trouble can actually become a double bonus for you!

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