Best Formula Milk for Breastfed Infants

You may start breastfeeding with all good intentions but sometimes, it is just not enough to fill the baby’s tummy. Your milk supply might be low, or your lifestyle does not permit you to breastfeed your baby. Whatever the reason, you can still provide healthy nutritious milk to your child through formula milk.

There are lots of brands to choose from where formula milk is concerned. And since you have decided to bottle feed your child, you might as well select a formula milk, that combines the best of the nutrients necessary for your child.

Most of the branded formula milk base their formula on cow’s milk and they try to make it taste as close as possible to breast milk. Though nothing can beat the goodness of breast milk, formula milk does come close in replicating the nutrients of the breast milk. If breastfeeding is not an option for you, then formula milk is the only kind of nutrition that combines, protein, sugar, fat and vitamins necessary for the baby.

Before switching on to the formula, consult the doctor and let her guide you in selecting the best formula milk in the market. There are different varieties of formula drinks available, some calcium rich or iron rich. Most of them will be based on cow’s milk, while nowadays there are formulas many based on soymilk. Some babies might be allergic to cow’s milk, in which case, the doctor might suggest the formula milk with cow’s milk as a base.

If you are breastfeeding your baby and are trying to switch him to formula, then do it gradually. Start feeding him formula for one feed and see how he likes it. Increase the formula feed gradually and establish a feeding routine. If you still want to continue one feed of breast milk then you can do so or else stop the breastfeeding completely.

Formula milk does have many advantages. It can be given by anybody. So your presence is not required to feed the baby. Formula milk settles heavily on your baby’s stomach so it would not ask for a feed anytime soon. Many mothers have also found that babies who have formula milk sleep soundly during the night unlike babies who have had breast milk.

In general babies would need 20 ounces of formula milk everyday. You will know that, he is getting enough formula, if he is not constantly crying, puts on weight after 10 days of formula milk and wets about 6 – 8 diapers in a day.

After you switch to formula milk, monitor your baby’s health carefully. Some babies might develop allergies to certain type of formula milk. Some signs of allergy that you can watch for are – dry, red scaly skin, Diarrhea, Extreme fatigue or weakness and Forceful vomiting. Other signs such as gas, constipation, loose watery stool, fever should also be watched for. Consult the doctor immediately if these symptoms persist.

Many mothers feel guilty when they feed formula milk to their children but what is important is that you are trying to nurture your child with the best nutrients available in the market.

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