Baby Menu Ideas, Part II — Snacks

Baby Food MenuHealthy snacks are an important part of your baby’s diet. Once your little one is eating a reasonable amount each day, they will probably appreciate little snacks between their meals or when out and about. Some children just don’t take to food quite as well as others in the beginning, and that’s okay. Offering light snacks every now and then instead of meals still gives them a chance to explore and enjoy their food without any pressure to eat large amounts. Remember the mantra — “Food is for fun until they are 1!”

These snacks are all suitable for a baby over the age of 6 months. You can adjust textures and amounts, of course — this list is simply to help give you ideas for healthy snacks for your babe.

A quick word about dental health — if your baby has teeth, it is wise to avoid giving too much fruit as snacks in between meals. This is because the acid and natural sugars present in fruit can cause cavities in the teeth. Of course we should still offer fruit to our children, but it’s best for them to have it with meals or all in one go at one point during the day, rather than spread out over the course of an entire day. My son is a total fruit fiend and we still offer one or two fruity snacks per day, but we try to make an effort to offer different things too. Speak to your dentist for further advice.

Baby Snack Ideas
Fruity pots — these are great as portable finger-food snack pots. Simply throw together a few different berries of your choice and pop them in a small portable tub. Foolproof.
Apple fries — peel, core and slice an apple into little sticks.
Cheese & crackers — chop up cheese into little chunks and serve in a bowl with some broken up crackers. Or, you can spread soft cheese onto the crackers instead.
Cheese & pineapple pots — again, fantastically portable. Just chop cheese into chunks and throw in a pot with some pineapple pieces (canned is fine, as long as they’re in juice and not syrup).
Bananas — need no messing with. Just peel, break off a manageable piece and give to your baby.
Raisins — raisins are a fantastic snack for babies. They are very small, though, so take care with smaller babies as they can be a choking hazard.
Carrot sticks — no preparation needed other than peeling and chopping up.

If you prefer to give your baby mushy or pureed foods, here are a few ideas of tasty combinations you could try that take little or no cooking.

• Apricot, apple & pear
• Peach, Pear & blueberry
• Banana & strawberry
• Peach, apple & pear
• Plum & Apricot

There’s no need to go mad with different combinations. Just a few mashed-up strawberries will go down well with your baby.

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