6 Quick Tips For a Housewife to Organize Her Home

We all live busy lives and sometimes a housewife can be so overwhelmed with things that need to get done, that the organization of the home actually suffers. Here are some helpful tips for any stay at home mom or housewife to get things at home more organized.

  1. Straightening up the closets
    The closet can be the easiest part of the house to let get messy, but a few adjustments can make it easy to find things in that closet again. Using organizers like shoe-holders over the door, and shelving to keep things out of the way will help to cut down on clutter. There are different kinds of closet organizers you can buy but make sure your closet is big enough to use one. If you have a very small closet you will want to use as much “air space” as possible and hang things up so your floor in the closet is not completely covered.

  2. Keeping cleaning supplies together
    One of the easiest ways to keep all of your cleaning supplies together is to use a plastic carryall that will be large enough to keep everything in one spot. So, instead of having different cleaning chemicals and products all over the house you can just reach for one carryall and have everything you need. You don’t need a different cleaning product in each bathroom, so this will save money as well.

  3. Organizing those shoes
    It’s easy to let shoes pile up and just turn into more clutter. There are some very innovative shoe organizing products on the market right now that can help. Whether you want to use a cloth door hanger or use a tray system under your bed to keep your shoes together, you should find something that will not only help you stop losing shoes but will also free up some floor space as well. You can even build little bins in the wall of your bedroom or closet to give each pair of shoes its space while still making everything look chic and organized.

  4. Start labeling things
    Don’t just throw everything into a box and stick it in the attic or basement. Use a labeling machine to label each bin so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for later. I have found that this saves money too, because when I am not organized I will end up buying something that I already had. You should put the same basic items in each bin so you keep a theme to each one, but then you should be more specific with your labeling if you want to remember where something specific is later on.

  5. Using containers for organizing
    One of the best tips I got was to use a fishing tackle box to store some crafts or knick-knacks that I didn’t want to lose. You can also use one of these tackle boxes for storing nails, screws, and other hardware that is easy to lose if it does not have a proper place. Never underestimate the power of a container. Not only does it keep your belongings together, it also makes things look neat and clean around the house as well.

  6. Have a yard sale
    Sometimes we just have too much stuff and we need to get rid of some of it. But instead of throwing it away you can make some money on your old junk. Not only are yard sales a great way to make some extra cash, but they can also help you get more organized as you go through all of the things you forget you had. But either way, by the end of the yard sale you should have less stuff to organize, making your job a whole lot easier.

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