6 Outdoor Child Safety Tips

While it’s possible to make the home childproof, the outside world is a lot tougher to manage. Saying that, there are six tips that can help when going out and about with your child, particularly playtimes.

  1. Cut the grass
    When left to grow too long, grass can hide a myriad of dangers, from sharp edges of concrete to dog or cat mess. By keeping your grass cut short, it’ll be easier to keep an eye on any hazards.

  2. Stagnant water
    When water is left if can breed horrible parasites and become an unhealthy danger for children. Look out for old buckets, pot plants, containers, or even tyres that have collected water.

  3. Vermin
    General debris can be a magnet for rats and mice, and any junk can provide a shelter or den for pests. Wood piles in particular are the perfect home for vermin, so it’s best to clear logs or piles of sticks away from where your child plays.

  4. Wandering off
    As parents, it’s important to instil in children the need to not wander off, and most kids will learn that and remember. However, when taken out of their usual environment, such as a new place to play or a day out somewhere special the excitement can take over. It’s a good idea to remind them to not run off and stay close, enforcing your rules.

  5. Animals
    Children are drawn to dogs and cats with a real compulsion. Be very aware of the risks of your child playing with animals, and don’t assume they’ll be okay. Children can stroke dogs very vigorously, or even pull their tails. Also, the owner might advise that your child should stay away. If they do, follow their advice. Not all pets are raised around children, or understand what kids can be like.

  6. Sharp edges
    At home, you can deal with sharp points and corners with child protection accessories. This is rather different in outdoor play areas, where you’re at the mercy of natural wear and tear. Have a walk around the play park with your children to pick out any little danger signs. Most communal parks are very well kept, but it’s worth checking. If there’s a particular play area that seems dangerous, ask them not to play there, explaining why. Even at a very young age, explanations will help to back up your reasoning.

As a parent, you’ve probably already got eyes in the back of your head and an in-built danger detector! Hopefully, however, these tips have given a little bit of guidance.

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